Fiberglass Basins

FIBERGLASS BASINS  Series : 18  |  24  |  30  |  36  |  42 |  48  |  60  |  72


A - Basin Dia. Inside, B - Basin Depth, C - Basin Dia. Outside

Basin Construction

  • Basin construction is custom molded fiberglass reinforced polyester resin.  The wall thickness shall be sufficient to withstand a water saturated sand load of 120 lbs per cubic foot with a 1.5 safety factor. The bottom of the basin shall be reinforced with a fiberglass plate extending beyond the basin diameter for anchoring to a concrete pad. When secured properly to a concrete pad or pouring concrete over and around the flange, prevents the basin from rising or floating out of the ground when empty as a result of static ground pressure.  The basin will withstand a maximum temperature of 150°F (66°C).

Optional Equipment

  • Inlet hubs or flexible pipe fittings, anti-flotation ring, studs for mounting slide away couplings, GEL coated.