Structural Foam Basins

Structural Foam BasinsThe basin can be used for sump or sewage applications and is perfect for simplex or duplex pumping systems. These are structural foam injected molded basins. Constructed from ultra strong, heavy duty structural foam, will provide decades of unfaltering service. It has a strong, thick rim, the 360 Degree EZ GrabTM handle. It also incorporates nylon encapsulated inserts to be gas/radon tight and to prohibit odor escape. The ultra-strong hex reinforced bottom will not buckle, deform or puncture, even under the harshest soil or ground water conditions.

18" Dia. x 22" Deep  |  18" Dia. x 30" Deep
24" Dia. x 24" Deep  |  24" Dia. x 36" Deep
30" Dia. x 36" Deep