LS Float switch


The mechanical float switch can be installed in either a pipe mounted or suspended configuration. They are pilot duty devices which control the function of motor load devices, such as contactors, motor starters, and power relays, to automatically cycle a pump(s).  They can also be used for alarm signalling devices.  




  • SWITCH: Mechanical, Normally Open, differential angle between on/off is 10°
  • ELECTRICAL RATING: 10A – 115 volt AC or 230V AC
  • CORD: Neoprene, Type SJOW
  • FLOAT: Polystyrene for use in water & sewage up to 140° (60° C)
  • WATER DEPTH MAX: Maximum 30’ (9m), 13 PSI
  • FLOAT DIMENSIONS: 67mm Dia. – 117mm long
  • TEMPERATURE: 140°F (60°C)
  • WEIGHT: External (optional)
  • INSTALLATION: Pipe mounted or suspended